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Business Development

Having a solid business development strategy for your business can be a game changer for your company’s growth and success.

Your business can grow exponentially when it backed by a strong business development action plan which can help you build important relationships and connections with people who can bring you new business opportunities and also cultivate A level talents who can work and scale your business.

At 10x Ripple, we provide customized business development services regardless of the size of your company.

  • For start ups -We can help you in laying a strong foundation for a new company which is vital for survival and company growth. When a business is in the start up stage we focus on developing the best products and services for your business which will appeal to your target audience, identifying investors and funding resources.

    After we create a strong foundation for your business, we can help you launch the product or service into the market building a completely new business from the ground up.

  • For Mid-size companies -After a business gets some recognition and footing in the market, It is in a position to build on its hard work and established offerings. Here we can help business in finding new markets to venture in, investment in growth opportunities and enhancing your existing offer to make it more compelling.

  • For Large and established companies -Large corporates and organisations will be able to grow consistently form the customer base they’ve built over the years, but they still need to look out for other new growth opportunities. In this stage of growth it is all about creativity and ideas, we can help in scouting out and executing new ideas both inside and outside the company. This will lead to innovation, new partnerships with new and existing customers.

    Many successful companies prioritise business growth, and we can help you in building your own business development plan and put your company in a good position to succeed.


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