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As a professional branding agency in Chennai, our solutions are customised to cater to the needs of not only brand-new or start-up businesses but also in re-establishing and re-establishing the market presence and business holdings of long-standing companies that have lost their panache in the competitive market.

Let's face it, as the market place quickly keeps adapting to the competitive environment and the latest trends and your target audience will change in the process too. Your Brand needs to be able to evolve ahead of the game and be able to predict the direction the market will take

10X Ripple does not consult but will partner with you and your team on creating a brand-new perspective and social presence for your business that will leave you stronger than before.

Our Re-Branding process comprises of

Discovery session - here we understand who you are, what you do and which part in particular needs to be rebranded.

  • Deep-Dive Sessions - We understand your brand, what you do and what is the rebranding needed.
  • Market Research – We will work on understanding your position among competitors and the spaces in the market that can be used.
  • Differentiation Strategy – We will bring to the board a series of precise actions that will be tactically created to ensure best market visibility.
  • Identifying Target Audience – We will work with your marketing team to isolate the target audience and customize your brand to be unforgettable.
  • Brand Touch-Points Redesign – We look to past, current, and future customers and identify touchpoints with the greatest impact to create all future experiences
  • Take your new brand public – We are partnered with the best Public Relations company in Chennai and can drive your visibility both in the virtual and real world with aplomb.

As a Branding Agency, we are also the best Rebranding Agency in Chennai that can transform your international growth, connect with your audience, staying relevant and take your brand to a leadership role in the marketplace.


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